About us

Metropolis International

Metropolis is a knowledge-sharing network in the field of migration and population diversity. We seek to create useful cooperation amongst research, policy, and civil society. Our aim is to share empirical research findings with insights from governments and civil society organisations to support management of the many effects of migration.

Our view on migration and diversity

Although we do not advocate specific views about how any given society ought to manage migration and diversity, we do believe that no society will succeed if it attempts simply to eradicate migration and the diversity of its population.

Our basic position is that successful societies will be those that explicitly manage these phenomena for the mutual benefit of their citizens, their migrants, and their minority communities.

Our history 

Metropolis began as a small network in Canada, the United States, and a few western European countries. Today, the network includes people from most of Europe, all of North America and Australasia, much of South and East Asia, South Africa, Israel, and Argentina (overview of our partners).

Recent expansion of our network has allowed us to work more intensively with developing countries, something that we hope to do more of in the future. Metropolis is beginning to engage in discussions with African states, both those that border the Mediterranean and those south of the Sahara, and will work to establish stronger relations with Latin America.

Metropolis secretariats

The Metropolis International Secretariat operates through three arms, one located in Ottawa, Canada, one in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and the newest in Asia with functions distributed across organizations in that area. Each acts on behalf of the Project as a whole, promoting and coordinating activities across the partnership and acting on behalf of the International Steering Committee to manage ongoing activities and to initiate new actions. The Ottawa-based Secretariat assumes the lead for establishing the Project’s overall strategic directions and for developing its communications and management infrastructure. The other two are primarily responsible for activities within Europe and Asia respectively.

The European Secretariat is located in Amsterdam and affiliated with the Institute of Ethnic and Migration Studies (IMES) and the Centre for Urban Studies both at the University of Amsterdam. 

Published by  AISSR

24 January 2014