International Metropolis Conference 2002

September 9th to 13th, Oslo, Norway

Conference Theme 2002: Togetherness in Difference

The overall theme of the conference, 'Togetherness in difference', sums up some of the critical political and research issues within the migration field at the moment. A main challenge to us all in a globalising world is to find ways of coexistence based on respect for the individuality and diversity.The September 11 attacks one year ago and aftermath reactions emphasise this challenge.

Factual knowledge is important in a climate of debate where there is a tendency to think in black and white. The Metropolis project aims at creating opportunities for discussion on ways of improving policies and programs effectively handling migration issues and the impacts that migration and diversity produce for life in our cites and countries. It brings together government decision-makers, researchers, and non-governmental agents. Metropolis is important as it is the only meeting place where the producers and consumers of knowledge come together to engage in the complex and comprehensive issues of international migration and diversity. 

Published by  AISSR

28 October 2013