International Metropolis Conference 2003

September 15th to 19th, Vienna, Austria

Conference Theme 2003: Gaining from Migration: A Global Perspective on Opportunities for Economic and Social Prosperity

The Vienna conference focuses attention on the opportunities created by a responsible and broadly  welcoming approach to immigration for both receiving and sending societies. Rather than formulating the policy agenda from a problem-driven perception - currently dominant in debates on immigrant minorities in Europe - a very different treatment of migration will flow from policies that embrace economic growth, positive demographic change and cultural diversity. 

Conceiving migration in such a way can open up a twofold corridor for fresh thinking. On the one hand, ensuing integration and diversity policies will look different when geared towards setting free the potential for economic prosperity, transfer of knowledge, higher overall mobility and readiness for innovation. On the other hand, mutually beneficial mangement of migration links between sending an receiving societies might become a powerful tool for development in countries of emigration. How to manage enduring migration links between countries for mutual gain, and how to create responsiveness to the needs of the opposite side in such partnerships is the major underlying concern of the conference. 

Published by  AISSR

17 October 2013