International Metropolis Conference 2005

October 17th to 21st, Toronto, Canada

Conference Theme 2005: Our Diverse Cities: Migration, Diversity and Change

The general theme of this year's conference is both topical and of vital importance to the future of our cities. Diversity can be a source of great strength. It can act as both a catalyst for innovation and as a magnet to help attract the best and brightest to our cities. But diversity must be sustainable to remain an asset. By extension, so must our cities and our city infrastructure be sustainable if our communities are to remain engines of growth into the future.

Here in Toronto you will find an example of a city that has opened its arms to the world and can now call itself home to one of the most diverse and culturally rich populations on the planet today. I encourage you to experience all this great city has to offer and join in the celebrations of uniqueness and distinct identities you will find on every corner, on every street and in every park.


Published by  AISSR

28 October 2013