International Metropolis Conference 2006

October 2nd to 6th, Lisboa, Portugal

Conference Theme 2006: Paths & Crossroads: Moving People, Changing places


International migration is about the interactions between people and among places. The 11th International Metropolis Conference in Lisbon focuses on the multiple dimensions of this interaction.

As a result of globalisation, migration has become increasingly diverse, as have the people, the routes, the processes and places involved. Global market competition for "brains" and skilled labour, in addition to mass displacement in the wake of devastating  conflict and catastrophe through the world further highlight migration's extent and its kaleidoscopic nature. Not only is the nature of migration changing, but so too are countries' approaches. with the focus shining from the classic territorialized model of organisation, to a greater connectivity between states with multiple actors and levels of government involved.The effective management of migration flows is largely dependent on international co-operation and truly multi-lateral engagement.

For this reason, the 11th International Metropolis Conference seeks to provide a forum  in which to exchange knowledge and encourage dialogue among specialists  and decision-makers  from places that send and receive migrants. 

Published by  AISSR

28 October 2013