International Metropolis Conference 2007

October 8th to 12th, Melbourne, Australia

Conference Theme 2007: Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion

Metropolis International 2007 is an internationally significant research-based conference that focuses on immigration and settlement issues.

It will be an event of major importance for Australia and places Melbourne in good company, with previous host cities including Milan, Copenhagen, Zichron Yaacov (Israel), Washington, Vancouver, Rotterdam, Oslo, Vienna, Geneva and Toronto.

The 12th International Metropolis Conference in Melbourne concentrates on Migration, Economic Growth and Social Cohesion, and features Australian and global leaders and officials, renowned academics and key stakeholders in the migration debate.

In addition, a major set of studies on social cohesion in Australian and international societies will be launched at the Conference. They have been commissioned by the organisers of Metropolis 2007 and generously funded by the Scanlon Research Foundation. The four interrelated areas of research are:

1. components of social cohesion

2. measuring the components of social cohesion

3. constructively attaining social cohesion in Australia

4. minorities in Australian and international society

Other research-based themes include international comparisons of policies to encourage migrant settlement in regional areas and issues relating to skilled worker intakes. 

Published by  AISSR

28 October 2013