International Metropolis Conference 2011

September 12th to 16th, Ponte Delgada, Azores, Portugal

Conference Theme 2011: Migration Futures: Perspectives on Global Changes

In 2011, three years after the outburst of the most serious global economic crisis during the last eighty years, the 16th International Metropolis Conference, with 'Migration Futures – perspectives on global changes' as its theme, intends to discuss the geopolitical and economic trends that are emerging and place the issue of international migration in this new context.

Within this broad perspective, the conference organizers have decided to strengthen the topics of emigration and its impacts on origin societies (through the analysis of homelands or through the networking strategies that benefit from new technologies and take the form of diasporic relations). In addition, particular attention will be given to migratory movements occurring in places that are changing in the global spatial order, such as in several islands and states from the 'developing south'.

Special attention is also devoted to migration in economically integrated macro-regions, not only because this process challenges the traditional classification and position of immigrants but also due to the pressure these areas are facing in the present re-shaping of political and economic conditions. Finally, the role of metropolis as 'carrefours' and destinations of migrants and the relationship between ageing and migration are two socio-geographic topics that have been considered essential in the present urbanized and progressively 'older' world.

Published by  AISSR

2 October 2013