International Metropolis Conference 2012

October 24th to 26th, Auckland, New Zealand

Conference Theme 2012: Pathways to Metropolis in the 21st Century

Immigration is an important contributor to the demographic, cultural and skills make-up of contemporary society. The Global Financial Crisis has introduced a degree of uncertainty to both the nature of international immigrant flows and settlement outcomes. Moreover, globally there is growing competition for skilled immigrants as new growth nodes seek talent.

The Pathways to Metropolis in the 21st Century conference explores a range of issues concerning global and local immigration including:

  • Immigration‐related diversity outcomes and challenges;
  • Changes in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • Competition for skilled immigrant talent;
  • Contemporary developments in skilled and unskilled migration flows;
  • Managing immigration through policy;
  • Forecasting and immigrations flows;
  • Impacts of migration flows on urban/rural societies and economies; and
  • Immigrant Auckland.


Published by  AISSR

7 October 2013