International Metropolis Conference 2015

September 7th to 11th, Mexico City

Conference Theme 2015: Migrants, Key Players in the 21st Century

Migration is undoubtedly one of the social phenomena with the greatest impact on the twenty-first century world stage. The number of people who for various reasons decide —or are forced— to move not only grows daily but becomes more complex.

Some migrants, due to their numbers and impact, have a decisive influence on public policies and decision-making at the global, regional, national, and local levels.

Migration of Mexicans to the U.S. has been, and continues to be, one of the most important and significant flows; hence, the importance for Mexico in general, and for the UNAM in particular, of hosting the 2015 International Metropolis Conference. Participants will include world-renowned specialists in the field. Also current immigration policy issues as well as academic studies seeking to understand and contribute to solving the problems arising from this phenomenon will be discussed.

Our country’s particularities in migratory matters, as a nation with a high number of emigrants and at the same time a receiving country of migrants in transit, justifies the UNAM-CISAN efforts to organize the 2015 International Metropolis Conference. Deliberation from a comparative perspective about both highly skilled and undocumented Mexican migrants in the context of international migration is urgently needed. This conference provides a great opportunity to do this.

Published by  AISSR

15 May 2017