International Metropolis Conference 2016

October 24 – 26, 2016 in Aichi-Nagoya, Japan

Conference Theme: Creating Trust Through Wisdom on Migration and Integration

This conference marked not only the 20th year of conferences of the International Metropolis Project but the first to take place in Asia. This year's plenary session themes are:   

  • Refugee Protection: Our Most Pressing Migration Dilemma
  • Managing Global Risk: Migration in Situations of Crisis 
  • Creating Trust through Wisdom: Co-development and Migration in East Asia
  • Migration, Trade, and Diasporas: Engines for Economic Integration 
  • Asia's Demographic Precipice: Migration, Technology, and Greater Workforce Participation ・Inclusive Development: a New Perspective on Immigrant Integration
  • When Internal and International Migration Meet: Best Practices for Cities
  • Comprehensive Migration Policy-making for a Re-vitalized Japan: Comparative Perspectives

Published by  AISSR

11 May 2017