International Metropolis Conference 2017

18 - 22 September 2017, World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands

Conference theme: Migration and Global Justice

The theme of this year's conference is Migration and Global Justice, and through it we will focus on mobility, voluntary and forced alike, on how our societies and governments respond, and on how to bring considerations of global justice to the discussion. The refugee crisis that continues to unfold in the Middle East and Europe is a clear case in point, but so, too, are the population shifts elsewhere in the world from resource-poor to resource-rich countries, and the movements from the hinterland to cities and suburbs.

This conference will be held in a time of uncertainty. Not only are we witnessing immense population movements, notably refugees coming from countries such as Syria, Iraq and Libya, we are also observing an unprecedented backlash against immigration. Many governments are increasingly hesitant to welcome people from abroad, whether they are refugees and asylum seekers, family members, or high or low-skilled men and women looking for a job.

At the same time, nationalist, populist and often anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, or anti-diversity movements are gaining political clout, and they are fundamentally changing the political landscape, both at the supranational, national, and local levels.

Published by  AISSR

5 December 2017